Gimpo Airport Wooridul Hospital, Medical foreign markets on track

한국 전문병원들 카자흐스탄 진출 `본격화`

Gimpo our hospital 17 days, said it has signed a ceremony with local hospitals Almaty Kazakhstan last month when 23 to 29.

The ceremony reportedly agreed to cooperate mutually, including Gimpo Airport transfer our advanced medical technology, hospitals are held, personnel exchanges.

In addition, a consensus on such systematic medical education system, attracting patients from the Almaty City Health Department after signing the MOU meeting and agreed to continue close relations.

Also Gimpo our hospital is also actively ventured out exchanges with foreign patients, including dozens of free medical care for local patients with vertebral joints.

Gimpo our hospital official said, “Despite the short period of time at a local care and take the word of mouth was enamored of patients coming to receive medical treatment” and “planned to build a concrete plan on the basis of the perceived responsiveness at a local”.

The spine being sought, along with multilateral measures, including a review of local health care services, including providing online information about the joints are easy to see.

Gimpo our hospital official said, “It, including the Almaty City Aktobe, scheduled to actively pursue business agreements with local hospitals to expand into art router, such as other regions,” he said “to have an ongoing exchange with local people develop health services to meet the locals etc. also emphasized that we will do our best. ”