4) FAQs

Here we gathered what you usually ask of :


  • Operation-related questions

Q. Implantation that is used for operation requiring of implantation

  • What are their names?
  • What kinds of materials are consisted?
  • Where are they produced?
Section Operation Name Implantation Name Materials Production Company Name Countries Produced
Cervical ACDF Solis Peek Stryker France
Vectra Titanum Johnson&Johnson US
ADR Vivo, Nova Titanum,Polyethylene Johnson&Johnson US
Mobidisc-C Titanum,Polyethylene LDR France
Cervical Posterior Fusion Vertex Titanum Medtronic US
Synapse Titanum Johnson&Johnson US
Lumbar ALIF Syncage Peek Johnson&Johnson US
Capstone Titanum Medtronic US
MiniTLIF+PPF Peek OIC Peek Stryker France
XIA Titanum Stryker France
TDR Sextant, Legacy Titanum Medtronic US
Prodisc-L Titanum,Polyethylene Johnson&Johnson US
Maveric Titanum,Polyethylene Medtronic US
Thoracic&Lumbar Deformity Legacy Titanum Medtronic US


 Q. How about the possibility rate to be regenerated for herniated disk operation?

Even if you are diagnosed as herniated disk, treatment method is various due to patients’ cases.

We will describe treatment, operation and success rate when you are diagnosed as herniated disk.

Treatment/Operation Name Success Rate
OLD 95%

PELD: In spite of 90% of success rate, in the case out of rate should take re-operation owing to stenosis.

OLD: Success rate is 95% and almost patients (75%) are discharged in 1~3 days after operation. Only 2-4% patients need subsidiary surgical treatments (decompression, adhesion, fixture, etc)

TDR: Its success rate is 95%

ALIF: It is minimal surgical treatment that blood transfusion is not required although it needs screw-fixture operation. Its success rate is 95%.


 Q. What are the strengths of operation method that Wooridul Hospital have, comparing to what other hospitals have?

We will introduce our advantages comparing ALIF which is mainly provided for patients with spondylolisthesis.

Categories Standard surgical procedure Wooridul’s surgical procedure
Spine amputation of waist Extensive amputation Maintain
Spinal neural adhesion Generally neural adhesion generates (above 50%) Rarely neural adhesion generates (below 50%)
Possibility of neural damage Exists below 5% None
Spinal muscular tissue incision Extensive Minimal
Dislocated bone restoration Difficult Easy
Surgical method General Specialized education is required
Transfusion Almost required for bleeding No required
Hospitalization period Minimally 2 weeks Generally 5 days
Scar 15~20cm 3~5cm (in front and back)


 Q. Is there any possibility to become handicapped after spinal operation?

There is no need to think of being handicapped because of spinal operation. If you lose period fit for your state, otherwise it is much more likely to be handicapped.


 Q. I heard that I can walk next day after spinal operation. Is it true?And is there no need to stay in semi-ICU (Intensive care unit) after operation?

There are no differences among ambulatory period for each spinal operation. Patients who had endoscopy can walk after an hour and patients who had laser surgery can walk, 4 hours after operation. Patients who had artificial disk replacement or spinal fusion can walk in the operational day as well, however, we suggest patients to walk in the next day according to each patient’s condition. If there are any different sorts of internal diseases or complications after operation, we check patients’ condition in recovery room for 20 minutes and move to hospital room.


Q. How long does it take for rehabilitation?

Depend on what kind of treatment you had; it differentiates from each patient minimally for 3-4 weeks and maximally 3-6 months. We notice you instructions as rehabilitation period and daily exercise method according to patients’ condition.




  • Spinal Diseases Related Questions

Q. What cause herniated spine?

Herniated spine is generated by various causes. Biggest cause is wrong habit for waist and aging. Commonly it is affected by lack of exercise, harmful exercise for spine, drinking/smoking, etc. These days Patients with this has been increased owing to usages of smart phones.



  • Joint Diseases Related Questions

Q. What cause degenerative joint diseases?

Causes for degenerative joint diseases are not clarified. Although most adults above age 55 have, not all people aged have arthritis.



  • Extra Questions

Q. Is flight boarding available after operation?

Yes, it is. Most of patients depart right after discharge. Flight time is normally 5-8 hours. However, we suggest patients who had spinal operation to sit in comfortable pose as leaning backward as possible as you can and stand for every 30 minutes – 1 hour after light switched off. It is different among each operation so that we inform of suggested flight time and boarding method at time for discharge education. We also issue note for airline so as not to be bothered in airport before discharge.


Q. How long does test take? When can I get (Hospitalization, General) test result?

  1. Patients with post X-ray or MRI films from your countries

In the case that films are qualified (taken before 3 months), you can have consultation result right away with no test.

Meanwhile, if films are invisible or have been taken long time ago, additional test would be in process along doctors’ prescription. Almost patients can have result in the very day.

  1. Patients with no films

You would have consultation at first and test prescription. After prescription diagnosis consultation is available. However, if specified test as contrast medium checkup is required, it may hard to get result in the very day.


Q. What documents are required for consultation?

For consultation, bring your passport copy and films (MRI, X-ray, CT, etc.) for acceptance.


Q. Is it able to discount?

Although it is impossible to change treatment cost, you may reduce cost by subsidiary cost (room, infirmaries, food, etc.)


Q. Is it able to go out?

It is free for guardians; on the contrary, it differentiates among patients along operation recovery. Normally you could go out after 2-3 days with consent before going-out.




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