3) Wooridul International Patient Center

Wooridul International Patients Center

Since January of 2006, ‘Wooridul International Patients Center’ (WIPC) provided medical service especially for foreign patients. The WIPC has a program dedicated to provide a number of special services to assist international patients and to ensure that they receive the highest quality medical care throughout their stay at Wooridul Hospital.

International Patient Flow

International Patient Flow

Ancillary Services for International patients




  • Online and Offline Consultation
  • Call Center Assistance : Reservation and Support
  • Setting up Visiting Plan & Cost Consulting
  • Assisting Korean Visa Issue
  • Call Center Assist; Reservation and Support
  • Interpreter and 1:1 escort service
  • International insurance claim
  • Airport Pick-up and Transfer Service
  • Introducing Long Term Stay Institution
  • Providing national / city tour information


WIPC’s Staffs

If you are from those countries other than Russia or English-speaking countries and want an interpreter in your language, we have interpreters in partner who can be there for your need. (Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc.)

We will do our best to inform advanced medical treatments and technologies all over the world as a world-leading spine hospital.