Training program for a Foreign Doctor

Wooridul Hospital in Gimpo Airport has completed

the Indonesian doctor training program for 4 days from July 16th to 19th successfully.

Stephanus Gunawan M.D is competent Indonesian neurosurgeon who is working

in EKA Hospital which is the first hospital to receive

international JCI certification for the first time in Sumatra, Indonesia.


He said

“South Korea’s spine surgery is well known around the world,

and I have seen a presentation in Indonesia about Wooridul hospital,

and at the same time I joined a spine workshop

and learned about Wooridul hospital’s endoscopic

and minimally invasive spine surgery.”

Stephanus Gunawan has observed

PPF (Percutaneous lumbar screw fixation) and PLED (endoscopic laser disc surgery),

he said, “It is an honor to see good surgery,

and if I have more opportunities, I want to learn more operation methods

in Wooridul hospital.”




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