Mask is the best Covid-19 vaccine for now

Mask is the best Covid-19 vaccine for now.
Let’s all wear a mask!

A not so gentle reminder!
People not wearing face masks in public facilities face fines of 100,000 won($90) to better combat the new Covid-19.

□ Crackdowns
① Facilities for concentrated control
Five types of entertainment bars; door-to-door and direct sales promotion halls; karaoke rooms; indoor standing performance halls; restaurants, cafes, and bakeries (+150 at level 1; +50 ㎡ at level 1.5)

② Facilities for regular control
Performance halls; private academies (including training schools); job training institutions; PC bangs (Internet cafes); arcades and multi rooms; bathhouses and saunas; wedding and funeral halls; movie theaters; water and amusement parks; beauty salons; stores, markets and department stores (bigger than 300 ㎡); study rooms and cafes; indoor sports facilities

③ Other
Public transport; medical institutions; pharmacies; public assemblies; demonstrations; indoor sports facilities; nursing homes; facilities that provide day/night care services; indoor sports stadiums (includes outdoor stadiums at level 1.5); high-risk businesses (call centers, logistics centers); gatherings or events of more than 500 people held with permit from the local government with jurisdiction

□ Acts of Violation
① Failure to wear an authorized mask in crackdown locations
※Authorized masks: KF94, KF80, KF-AD (droplet-proof) surgical, cotton, disposable masks
② Failure to properly wear a mask in crackdown locations

□ Fines Imposed
▷ Grounds: Article 83 (Administrative Fines)
and Article 49 (Preventive Measures Against Infectious Diseases)
of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act

▷Fine: KRW 100,000 (for violators)
※ Facility operators: Up to KRW 3,000,000