NOTICE (COVID-19 test for inpatient and caregiver)

Hospitalization will proceed after confirming a Negative Result.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 in the local communities,
Wooridul Spine Hospital at Seoul Gimpo Airport is strengthening
pre-admission tests to prevent contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients and to avoid in-hospital infections.
All patients and caregivers who want to stay with patients need to undergo the COVID-19 test before hospitalization.

1. Guidance for performing COVID-19 test for inpatients

  • Perform COVID-19 test at local medical institution or community
    health center one day before hospitalization.
  • Patients who bring negative COVID-19 test result (conducted within
    two days before admission) don’t have to complete the screening test
    one day before admission.
    Therefore, patients MUST bring testing results upon visiting the hospital.
  • Additional testing may be needed depending on the patient’s condition
    on the day of admission or the screening survey results.

2. Guidance for performing COVID-19 test for a full-time caregiver.

  • Only full-time caregivers with negative COVID-19 test results are
    allowed to enter and stay with inpatients(Issued a guardian’s pass).
    NO more than one guardian can stay at the same time.
  • Only negative COVID-19 test results from a local medical institution
    within two days of hospitalization will be acknowledged.
  • Caregivers are not allowed to change shifts during hospitalization.